Whats A Bucket Bag?

I went shopping with one of my best friends the other day. We hit up Tj Maxx and Ross. Tj Maxx is one of those stores where if you don’t have a specific thing on your shopping list to look for you will be overwhelmed. Well at least I was! I was like “OMG, where do I start? There’s so many things to buy, I love everything!” HAHA! Ross is another store that I like but Ross is a store of Ups and downs. You go sometimes and find a really great “something” and then you go another time and everything sucks. This time I found a really great something at Ross that so happens to be what you call a bucket bag or small backpack if you don’t want to get technical! My friend Jess was like, “That’s an interesting buy” meaning, “Um why are you getting that?” LOL! But I loved it! I love that a bucket bag is very easy going and chic all at the same time! It says, “I’m cool without trying too hard.” So Ross you didn’t fail me this time!









Top- Forever 21/Jeans- H&M/Ankle Boots- H&M/Jewelry- CULTUREOFCALI and H&M

Bucket Bag- Ross heres some that look kinda the same HERE and HERE!

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September 24, 2014
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What I Wore: On The 1st Day Of Fall

Ok so I’m sure by now, what like the second day of fall you’re probably sick of reading all the, “I Love Fall” or “What to Wear for Fall” blog posts. Fashion bloggers think alike right? “OMG let me take a selfie with my latte or “OMG its 77 Degrees outside, Ugg weather!” HAHAHA! Well I do call myself a fashion blogger so here I am today guys with a post, about fall, and um what I wore on the first day of fall. So freakin guilty. But hey so lets talk about this plaid shirt trend except for the fact that its actually cooler to wear a plaid shirt tied around your waist now,(enter flashback to 5th grade). These jeans are amazingly old from H&M and the worn out holes in the knees actually work still lol! This white tee I bought on a date night with my husband well because whats a date night without shopping? These boots I bought circa two years ago when Bakers was an actual storefront in the mall. Pretty much all of my jewelry is from my boutique CULTURE OF CALI. Go buy stuff! And yeah that’s pretty much the gist of this look people. So here are the pictures guys of my super fall like outfit.











Outfit details:

Tee- Nordstrom Rack(similar HERE)

Plaid Shirt- (Old, I literally have no idea where its from but I found one like it HERE)

Jeans- H&M(Similar HERE)

Boots- Bakers but I found some similar HERE


Wrap Bracelet- Culture of Cali

Watch- Goodwill(yep) Heres one like it!

Rings- H&M and Culture of Cali

Earrings- Culture Of Cali

Sunglasses- Marshalls(these are basically the same)

Ok until next time! May all styles unite yada yada! Happy Hump Day ;)



September 19, 2014

Navy Blue and Black Combo

First off I’d like to say a big, “I’m sorry”! Its been far too long since my last post and I’ve missed working on my little blog so much! So yeah I will try to be more consistent! Back to School events and adjustments have taken me some time to get used too so that’s a major factor in why I haven’t had time to blog! Blogging is such a fun and artistic way for me to just express who I am! Ok I’ll stop the rambling now. I made a trip to Nordstrom Rack the other day here in Houston and I once again fell in love. It had been so long since my last visit there and I’d forgotten about all its goodness. I got this really amazing blouse that’s navy and black and its funny because I had just talked to someone about how you can DEFINITELY wear blue and black together! I think this color combo is elegant and chic and just really pretty! Navy is a staple color especially during the fall season! I paired it with some black ankle booties and super cute accessories from CULTURE OF CALI!










Outfit Details:

Blouse- Nordstrom Rack (Similar Here)

Pants- H&M (Similar)

Shoes- DSW

Jewelry- Culture Of Cali


August 23, 2014
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Leather B-Ball Shorts

Ive been wanting leather shorts for the longest time but for some reason just couldn’t find the right pair for me until I saw these basketball style leather shorts at H&M! I love that they are casual but can be dressed up as well which is what I’m doing with them today! For the first look I paired a jersey tank also from H&M with the shorts and converse for a more casual laid back look. The second outfit I paired a leopard print top with the shorts and sandals which could work for an evening out look! Is leopard print coming back in style this fall? Because I really hope it is! But then again does a classic leopard print really ever go out of style? I think NOT! :) For these pics I shot with local photographer Sara Montoya Photography! I enjoyed this shoot but it was sooooo HOT! These shots are a different style then what I usually do but it was so fun doing something different for a change! Check out her work!

lashirt2I adore this tank jersey from H&M! (Found similar tanks that would work with shorts like these HERE & HERE )I was also thinking that white Converse would look great with this outfit too! What do you think?


I had my old beloved crossbody bag with me this day! The wrist band is CULTURE OF CALI! I found some shorts that I also love HERE!


My second look wearing the same shorts! This top is from Cotton On! Similar HERE and HERE!

EA (15)

I was looking for a great pop of color and I found it with this red orange clutch from Old Navy. I’ve really been into this red orange trend lately! Love how vibrant it is!

EA (24)

I’m wearing Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick in Purty Persimmon. I love this particular lipstick because it really does last along time and they have so many shades to choose from! Find it HERE!

Rings in this pic are from Culture of Cali! Find them HERE and HERE! My LOVE ETCHED Bangle is from Culture Of Cali as well and its pretty much on my arm alllll the time! And I’m pretty obsessed with this lariat style necklace also Culture Of Cali!

EA (22)


Here is a close up of these sandals that I wore in my previous post! I got them at Marshall’s and they are my latest pride and joy! Love getting good stuff at a low price!

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Shop Post!



Growing up in the 90′s I remember my older sisters would blast their radio so loud I got to listen to everything that they did! They loved R&B music so I started to really love it too! Some of my faves were Destinys Child, Aaliyah, Missy Elliot and the wonderfully talented and cool, TLC. I mean they had a whole album entitled, Crazy, Sexy, Cool!! I particularly loved their Fanmail album with “No Scrubs” on it! I remember the first time I saw the video to that song I wanted their outfits and I wanted to learn their dance moves. I did my best. LOL! TLC was and will always be one of my fave girl groups!

So when I went shopping the other day and saw this tee at H&M I knew I had to get it! Just trying to represent mah girls!

tlc1This t shirt is pretty over sized, not a problem at all for me but I thought I’d tie a knot in it to give it a little bit of a twist, pun intended. God I’m a nerd.


I haven’t purchased black jeans in awhile and I’m glad I bought these because I just love how they fit me! They are also from H&M!


This bag is my friend. :) I got it from Nordstrom Online and its just so versatile! Goes with like everything!


And can I talk about my sunglasses?! These are from Dollar General!!! They were $5 and I’ve had them for about two months and they’re still in tact! LOL!


These sandals are newer to my closet and they will for sure be in some upcoming outfit posts! I love the front zipper detail! They are from Marshalls!


Ahhh my hair is so bad in these pics! Bed hair, kinda don’t care! HAHA! I’ve been living in these accessories from my store CULTURE OF CALI! That stack is such a staple! It includes the Anchor Stretch Bracelet, Love Etched Cuff Bangle, Stud Wrap Bracelet and Aztec Silk Wristband! The rings on my left hand are also from Culture Of Cali, get them HERE and HERE! Lastly this Triangle Necklace also from Culture of Cali has been on my neck almost on a daily basis! So simple and cute!



This cross ring is fab! Its also from H&M!


Any other TLC fans out there?! These pics were so fun to shoot! Thanks to my good friend Felipe for being my photographer this day! Come back soon for some more outfit posts or sign up to receive email updates from me! May all styles unite!



Lovin Army Green

I’m finally back with a new outfit post and even as I write this both of my kids are talking in my ears. Is it time for school to start yet? LOL! I don’t often love color but this army green color is just soooo pretty to me! And for olive skinned girls its a color match made in heaven! I just love basic pieces because of all the things you can do to dress them up or down! Also basic pieces are easy to layer! I recently purchased this Express moto vest because it was on sale and it was cute! Then I found this basic tee from Cotton On the other day that I just had to have! ( Shop a similar one here )I know layers during the summer don’t usually work but this shirt is so breathable and the vest well its a vest, no sleeves! Perfect way to layer in the summer! I want to go back and get this shirt in the other colors available because I just love me a big over sized tee! :)

photo1I’m obsessed with this Double Triangle necklace from my shop Culture Of Cali! When I got this one in the store I knew I’d probably wear it a lot! Isn’t it fab?!


An army green and black combo is my fave!


These super cute wrap bracelets are also from my shop Culture Of Cali! I live in them now! lol!


Oh my gerd, I’m still loving these H&M pants I got like 100 years ago!


These ankle booties have been making the rounds lately! They are from Call it Spring!



A close up of my Culture Of Cali accessories! Rings are H&M!


Thank you lovely friends for stopping by and checking out my outfit details! I’m hoping to post more soon but been busy as a bee lately(still have to make dinner and go to hip hop class) :) So yeah I’m crossing my fingers hoping I can hone in on some more bloggity blog time! Until we meet again, may all styles unite!



Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Review

It has been forever since my last post! Like over a month ago! Honestly summer happened! I know there are so many bloggers who manage to post everyday despite having little ones but my kids being home has definitely soaked up a lot of my time. From gymnastics to baseball to playing with friends and planning fun activities, it has been a whirlwind! But I’m trying to get back on the saddle guys with some outfit posts coming soon! I’m about that ballin on a budget life right now so haven’t been able to do much shopping but yeah just excited to be blogging again! So for my first blog back I knew I had to do this product review mostly because I was uber excited about this purchase!



So I follow Anastasia Beverly Hills on Instagram and its FAB but it wasn’t until I saw someone post about the Dipbrow pomade that I had to try it for myself! I told my hubby all about it but I was like, “Yeah, I’ll have to order it online”. I like online shopping but sometimes waiting for packages is HARD! So I procrastinated. Then the other day I went into Sephora to use a giftcard and I was walking around checking out the brow powders and pencils and opted for the Benefit Cosmetics brow powder but then looked at the price and was bummed to see it was not in my $25 budget. So I kept looking and in one small section of the store there I saw Anastasia Bev Hills Cosmetics and I was like, “Hallelujah”! Like Heaven opened up and the Cosmetic Angels were singing praises all around me. I was so excited they had the Dipbrow shade I wanted and it was only $18! SCORE! I can tell you this, I’m obsessed with this stuff! I love how smooth it glides on and just how natural my eyebrows look when I’m done! Here’s sort of a step by step of how I fill in my eyebrows!

Step 1: First I dab just a small amount on my brush(I use a really dense small head brush) and then outline the top part of my brow. Be light on the hands here!


Step 2: Next I outline the bottom part of my eyebrow


Step 3: Then I go ahead and fill in the entire eyebrow. Be light on your hands on this step! You don’t want to use too much or else you are gonna look like you did your brows with coal and that’s a no-no girl!


4: Then I use a brow comb or brush to “blend” my work.


And here’s the finished product!


Before and After!

eyebroweditfinalSo I highly recommend this stuff guys and make sure you test the shade when you go in the store to find the perfect one! Keep checking back for new posts! Until next time, may all styles unite!







Color Pop:Shorts

Hey guys! Hows everyone been? I know its been a few day since my last post but my goodness! My kids are home from school, and I have worked trying to get the word out there about my accessories company Culture Of Cali! Its just been a lot of juggling I’ve been doing. Cali has gymnastics and Noah has baseball plus my hubby is a youth pastor at our church and I sing on the worship team. So yeah I stay busy but I always try to find time to blog when I can! Sorry about the rambling!


I love a subtle pop of color with any outfit! By know you know my love hate relationship with color. I just cant help that my eye has an eye for black and white and gray and sometimes cream, or off white! HAHA! So today’s pop of color is all in the shorts! Even this subtle salmon color isn’t screaming with brightness. LOL! The shorts are(OLD) from Old Navy!


I’m really loving this top from H&M. I love the print, its pretty simple and really cool! It actually buttons all the way down but I thought a little tie knot at the bottom would work. :)


When you’re going for a young fun look like this its ok to have a messy hair bun, ponytail or just beachy hair! That kind of stuff says, I’m confident and free! Messy hair don’t care!


Hats are so fun! I wish they were more popular here in Texas like they are in LA! You barely see anyone with hats on here which is weird because the sun is no joke here in Houston. We need that added protection in my opinion and hats are a great and fab way to protect our skin!


I’m in love with these cute black arrow stud earrings from CULTURE OF CALI! I love that they give any outfit a cool spin! And who doesn’t love arrows?!


I’m so embarrassed! Look at my nails! Ah well its a good thing I’m getting that mani pedi this week! Hallelujah! That adorbs necklace is old from H&M, the gold watch is from Goodwill and the Rose Feather Bracelet is mine from CULTURE OF CALI! I also love feathers :) Rings are from H&M and CULTURE OF CALI!

That’s all she wrote for today my friends! Come back and see me soon! :)

Shop the Look!(similar)




The Utility Vest

blackvest1For those of you who follow my blog(and actually read the content) you probably know by now that Cotton On is one of my favorite places to shop! I love their style and I love their prices! So the other day I happened to browse their SALE section which they always have great deals and finds in! And my eyes grew wide with excitement when I found this vest! Sure it was on sale because we are in summer months right now but I didn’t care! It was $15! Um HECK YEAH! I’ll make it work I thought!

blackvest2For summer you can pair a vest with some cutoff shorts and a graphic tee but for today’s look I went for a more MOTO feel!


I got these boots a few months ago before our trip to NYC. I think this may be the first time for them to appear on the blog though. OOPS. Its a bummer because I really love them! They pretty much go with anything! They are MIA brand from Marshalls.


This top is old from Marshall’s(I like it there too). Its on the brighter side than what I usually wear but its something I’m trying to embrace lately. Color that is :). In this post I’m wearing a ring and bangle from H&M and a ring and bracelet from Culture Of Cali!

blackvest5A closeup of my arm party LOL! I usually stick to a 3 maximum bracelet rule, sometimes 4 depending on the thickness of the bracelets. But hey that’s my preference, wear 20 bracelets at a time if you want to!


I love this arrow necklace from Forever 21(Its so old).


I had to crop my zipper out of this pic because I realized it was down the whole time! HAHA! You have to learn to laugh at yourself, and crop some stuff out! LOL!

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Karlie Kloss For Warby Parker

Warby Parker. It’s becoming one of my fave places to look for cool sunglasses. Every blogger needs some awesome eye wear because sunglasses really put a nice spin on any look! Plus summer is here and the sun is roaring! Especially here in Houston! :)

Warby Parker started when four really cool dudes put their ideas together to create classic vintage eye wear that makes a statement! You get boutique quality sunglasses at a fraction of the price.

Each frame is handcrafted using only the finest custom materials. SCORE!

They’ve teamed up with supermodel Karlie Kloss for their latest collection and I get to tell you about it today. :)

Karlie Vogue Still #2

She is gorgeous in the MARPLE!

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 4.15.49 PM

In celebration of this collaboration Warby Parker is donating to Edible Schoolyard NYC an organization close to Karlies heart. Edible Schoolyard NYC provides kitchens and gardens to low-income public schools, giving students the tools to develop lifelong healthy habits. And that’s not the only giving they do! For every pair sold they give a pair away to someone who really needs it! I love companies that do things like that! Its always good to give back.

Here’s a look at the fab collection!


MARPLE Heirloom Gold with Violet Clover lenses


MARPLE Heirloom Silver with Faded Slate lenses


CLARA Heirloom Gold with Copper Fade lenses


CLARA Heirloom Silver with Sepia Wash lenses


JULIA Heirloom Silver with Indigo Wash lenses


JULIA Heirloom Gold with Copper Fade lenses

Aren’t they so nice? I love all of them but my absolute fave is the Heirloom Gold Marple! I have to get my hands on those babies ASAP! Which ones do you love?!


As always may all styles unite especially while wearing Karlie Kloss for Warby Parker! ;)